Get Jolly! Part 2

We went to the Jolly Scholar…again….(no, this is not a problem) and our friend J had a long island iced tea. Which mean blog time!

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Long Island Iced Tea

J chose a Long Island Iced Tea – the normal kind, not one of the fancy ones featured in our previous blog entries. He described it as “delightfully fruity, magically sweet, with the bearest hint of coca-cola.” The long island was made with a lot of rum, a little bit of margharitta mix, and a splash of coke, as opposed to his first round , which was composed of even more rum, no margarhitta mix, a splash of soda water, and a small amount of coke.



Get Jolly!

Jolly Scholar Long Island Iced Tea

Ok, so we know that technically a long island iced tea is NOT tea, but P received some REALLY good news today so¬†we decided to celebrate. We headed to the campus bar, the Jolly Scholar (tagline “Get Jolly”), for a quick celebratory drink in between sorting through the massive amount of work that we need to finish in between now and graduation.

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Ohio Harvest Long Island Iced Tea

Jolly has several long island iced tea options (see menu after the break). We tried the Ohio Harvest Iced Tea – which is long island + apple and cranberry flavors. It is very festive (pink with limes!). The drinks were very sweet and very strong. We each only finished half of our drink, but we weren’t really there to drink a lot, we just wanted to celebrate P’s good news!