The Republic of Tea: Blackberry Sage

You may remember our guest post from A, The Republic of Tea: Ginger Peach.

It sounded yummy, but I wanted to make sure I had something new to blog about for you all, so I selected The Republic of Tea’s Blackberry Sage. I picked it up at my local Fresh Market.

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Blackberry Sage

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Blackberry Sage Back Label

The bottle claims it is “tea for wisdom”. I wonder if I am any wiser…

The tea is a nice twist on classic black tea, a little fruity from the blackberry, but earthy (sage and tea). It is actually quite nice.

I added honey to my tea, it toned down the earthiness and made the drink sweeter and more enjoyable.



Algebra Tea House

Today E and I visited Algebra Tea House near Little Italy on Murray Hill. I got the Tanzanian dark roast and E got their Raspberry Black Tea.

Tanzanian Dark Roast in E's coffee mug!

Tanzanian Dark Roast in E’s coffee mug!

E wanted to try something new and she had never had fruit flavored tea before.

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Algebra’s tea menu (above).


Arabica Coffee House

Last weekend C and I went to Arabica Coffee House in North Ridgeville on Center Ridge Rd. It was a great outside- one of the first that hadn’t been freezing temperatures- and so we went and drank our caffeine in the sun 🙂

Welcome to Arabica Coffee House in N. Ridgeville!

Welcome to Arabica Coffee House in N. Ridgeville!

C and I both got mocha drinks, but I added a little twist: a caramel apple espresso shot! It was so delicious and C was jealous she hadn’t thought of it first. It added just the right amount of fruity flavor from the apple flavor, and we all know caramel and coffee go great together.

Sitting outside with our mocha at Arabica Coffee House.

Sitting outside with our mocha at Arabica Coffee House.


Coffee Beanery

I went to the Coffee Beanery with G and S.  It is right at the entrance of Midway Mall in Elyria, a nice little coffee station near the kids’ play center.

They had some specialty drink promotions so I decided to go ahead and try the Turtle Mocha- basically chocolate coffee, the world’s best combination of flavors! I got it blended with ice for a nice cold drink. It was very sweet but didn’t have enough of a coffee flavor for my taste. I really like chocolate with my coffee so I enjoyed the chocolate drizzled on top of the whipped cream.

My Turtle Mocha and G's Cafe Caramel from Coffee Beanery!

My Turtle Mocha and G’s Cafe Caramel from Coffee Beanery!


Mochi at Noodlecat

Mochi Ice Cream

Cleveland Restaurant Week is one of Cleveland’s fun annual traditions. Various restaurants downtown provide special lunch and dinner menus for a discounted price. We went to Noodlecat on Euclid and tried the lunch menu.

More importantly, we tried coffee and green tea flavored mochi ice cream for dessert. Mochi is ice cream wrapped in rice-flour dough (read about more fun flavors at Mochi Ice Cream here).

Coffee mochi from Noodlecat.

Coffee mochi from Noodlecat.



Hey, coffee and tea lovers! Welcome to our blog. We will try to provide you with a weekly review of hot (and sometimes cold) caffeinated drinks we find in Cleveland.

Look forward to our first review- a coffee plus biscotti treat from Presti’s in Little Italy!

Stay caffeinated,

P + E