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illy is an italian company that produces coffee beans, coffee grounds, and coffee machines. They portray coffee as an art (just check out their website, it comes off as very communal and artistic). You can order several type of coffee blends at their website, but it is also available at Williams Sonoma (where I aways see it) and I actually picked this mini sized canister  up at T.J. Max. I was happy with with mini size because it was inexpensive (compared to the large tins) and I knew I could finish it all before it went bad.

photo 1 (3)

illy Coffee Canister

photo 4 (1)

illy Lid

The coffee comes in a pressurized tin to optimize freshness. Technically, the coffee is for use in their espresso machines, but I used it in my little pink coffee maker, and it came out tasting great. The below image shows the grounds in the canister. It is very fine and smells great. (more…)


Cafe Du Monde

As Spring Break  approaches, my cabin fever sets in. Coffee from New Orleans (in the spirit of Mardi Gras) could do the trick. Anyone who has been to New Orleans has probably heard of the Cafe Du Monde. From the sidewalk to the food court, Cafe Du Monde’s drinks and treats can be found throughout the city; they also can be bought as grounds to make at home.

Cafe Du Monde

Cafe Du Monde


Zack Bruell

Home Brew Coffee Blends by Zack Bruell

Cleveland restauranteur, Zack Bruell (of L’Albatros, Table 45, Parallax, Chinato, Cowell & Hubbard, Chinato, etc.), released a line of home brew coffee blends. These are available at local Cleveland Heinen’s. See this news release for more information.

Parallax Coffee blend

Parallax Coffee blend

I recently has the opportunity to try some of the blends when the bags were gifted to me. The first blend tried was ‘Parallax’ (below), followed by ‘Table 45’ (not shown). (more…)