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The Republic of Tea: Blackberry Sage

You may remember our guest post from A, The Republic of Tea: Ginger Peach.

It sounded yummy, but I wanted to make sure I had something new to blog about for you all, so I selected The Republic of Tea’s Blackberry Sage. I picked it up at my local Fresh Market.

photo 1 (6)

Blackberry Sage

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Blackberry Sage Back Label

The bottle claims it is “tea for wisdom”. I wonder if I am any wiser…

The tea is a nice twist on classic black tea, a little fruity from the blackberry, but earthy (sage and tea). It is actually quite nice.

I added honey to my tea, it toned down the earthiness and made the drink sweeter and more enjoyable.



Get Jolly! Part 2

We went to the Jolly Scholar…again….(no, this is not a problem) and our friend J had a long island iced tea. Which mean blog time!

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Long Island Iced Tea

J chose a Long Island Iced Tea – the normal kind, not one of the fancy ones featured in our previous blog entries. He described it as “delightfully fruity, magically sweet, with the bearest hint of coca-cola.” The long island was made with a lot of rum, a little bit of margharitta mix, and a splash of coke, as opposed to his first round , which was composed of even more rum, no margarhitta mix, a splash of soda water, and a small amount of coke.


Get Jolly!

Jolly Scholar Long Island Iced Tea

Ok, so we know that technically a long island iced tea is NOT tea, but P received some REALLY good news today so we decided to celebrate. We headed to the campus bar, the Jolly Scholar (tagline “Get Jolly”), for a quick celebratory drink in between sorting through the massive amount of work that we need to finish in between now and graduation.

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Ohio Harvest Long Island Iced Tea

Jolly has several long island iced tea options (see menu after the break). We tried the Ohio Harvest Iced Tea – which is long island + apple and cranberry flavors. It is very festive (pink with limes!). The drinks were very sweet and very strong. We each only finished half of our drink, but we weren’t really there to drink a lot, we just wanted to celebrate P’s good news!

Snapple K-cup

Lots of tea companies have jumped on the K-cup band wagon (Lipton, Twinnings, etc. etc.). I recently tried Snapple’s  K-cup version of iced tea.

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Snapple K-cup

I have always been a big fan of Snapple. My personal favorite is the diet peach iced tea, so I was very excited to try the Keurig version. These K-cups can be found almost anywhere. If I remember correctly, I think we picked these up at our local Walmart. They sell several flavors and it comes in diet and regular.

The Keurig makes hot tea, so the iced tea required several steps. First I brewed a large cup using the k-cup. Then, after it cooled down a little, I poured the tea from the mug to the Keurig pitcher (pictured below).



illy is an italian company that produces coffee beans, coffee grounds, and coffee machines. They portray coffee as an art (just check out their website, it comes off as very communal and artistic). You can order several type of coffee blends at their website, but it is also available at Williams Sonoma (where I aways see it) and I actually picked this mini sized canister  up at T.J. Max. I was happy with with mini size because it was inexpensive (compared to the large tins) and I knew I could finish it all before it went bad.

photo 1 (3)

illy Coffee Canister

photo 4 (1)

illy Lid

The coffee comes in a pressurized tin to optimize freshness. Technically, the coffee is for use in their espresso machines, but I used it in my little pink coffee maker, and it came out tasting great. The below image shows the grounds in the canister. It is very fine and smells great. (more…)

Noodle Cat

Green Tea

We went to Noodle Cat this weekend. P and I and a few of our friends were having a book club meeting. We went to the Euclid location down town, but there is also a new location in the West Side Market.

photo 5

Noodle Cat

While Noodle Cat offered several hot tea options, it had only one iced tea option. The iced tea (flavor not listed on the menu) was Orange Blossom green tea – by Rare Tea Cellars.

I looked up the brand: Rare Tea Cellars and am guessing that it was the Sicilian Blood Orange Green. The website for the tea provides tea by the 1/2 lb (expensive! – 1/4 lb ~$40 instead of the usual Harney and Sons 1/4 lb ~$10-ish).


Starbucks Gold

When we started this blog, I promised myself I would NEVER post about Starbucks….but here we are. Honestly, I am more excited to share than anything else. As a warning, I am posting this because I absolutely could not resist based on HOW COOL  this Starbucks was, but since I am vowing to never again put Starbucks as a blog title, I am sharing all of my Starbucks details…so this is a bit of a long post. Apologies. As many of our readers are aware (because they are fellow students), this is Spring Break, which I am spending in a very sunny city nowhere near Cleveland.



Cafe Du Monde

As Spring Break  approaches, my cabin fever sets in. Coffee from New Orleans (in the spirit of Mardi Gras) could do the trick. Anyone who has been to New Orleans has probably heard of the Cafe Du Monde. From the sidewalk to the food court, Cafe Du Monde’s drinks and treats can be found throughout the city; they also can be bought as grounds to make at home.

Cafe Du Monde

Cafe Du Monde


The Coffee House

Tuesday we visited The Coffee House at University Circle (Juniper Road). Below, is my choice for the day – Orange Spice. I went with P and our friend C after class to do homework and make weekend plans. The Coffee House is inviting and they were very nice – helped me with food choices and gave me a hot water refill for the tea after I finished the first cup.


Hand Packaged Orange Spice Tea

P and  C both had coffee. Lots of choices (as you can see from the giant menu).