Algebra Tea House

Today E and I visited Algebra Tea House near Little Italy on Murray Hill. I got the Tanzanian dark roast and E got their Raspberry Black Tea.

Tanzanian Dark Roast in E's coffee mug!

Tanzanian Dark Roast in E’s coffee mug!

E wanted to try something new and she had never had fruit flavored tea before.

photo 2 (5)

Algebra’s tea menu (above).

Algebra is a really nice place to sit and enjoy your food/drink or work. They have a fun atmosphere and have a bunch of sketchbooks/coloring books to pass the time. The only downside was that their internet wasn’t working and we were there to finish a class project.

photo 4 (1)

So we moved to E’s place and drank our coffee and tea from her cute coffee/tea mugs 🙂

+Plus: Algebra’s breakfast and lunch menus are great! The food smelled amazing when we walked in. Plan on being there for a while though if you want to order food- the service is pretty slow.

Stay caffeinated,



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