Get Jolly! Part 2

We went to the Jolly Scholar…again….(no, this is not a problem) and our friend J had a long island iced tea. Which mean blog time!

photo (1)

Long Island Iced Tea

J chose a Long Island Iced Tea – the normal kind, not one of the fancy ones featured in our previous blog entries. He described it as “delightfully fruity, magically sweet, with the bearest hint of coca-cola.” The long island was made with a lot of rum, a little bit of margharitta mix, and a splash of coke, as opposed to his first round , which was composed of even more rum, no margarhitta mix, a splash of soda water, and a small amount of coke.

According to J:

“Lessons learned always add coke.

Wait no. Actual lesson learned – always add rum.”


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