Snapple K-cup

Lots of tea companies have jumped on the K-cup band wagon (Lipton, Twinnings, etc. etc.). I recently tried Snapple’s  K-cup version of iced tea.

photo 1 (3)

Snapple K-cup

I have always been a big fan of Snapple. My personal favorite is the diet peach iced tea, so I was very excited to try the Keurig version. These K-cups can be found almost anywhere. If I remember correctly, I think we picked these up at our local Walmart. They sell several flavors and it comes in diet and regular.

The Keurig makes hot tea, so the iced tea required several steps. First I brewed a large cup using the k-cup. Then, after it cooled down a little, I poured the tea from the mug to the Keurig pitcher (pictured below).

photo 2 (3)

Pitcher of Snapple Iced Tea


The tea was VERY sweet. Even though we (D and I) prepared it in the proportions described on the labels, the resulting beverage was way too sweet. We tried watering it down further (about 1/4 tea to 3/4 water in our individual glasses) and it drastically improved the taste. Perhaps if we hadn’t refrigerated it (and let all of the ice cubes melt completely before tasting) we may have agreed with the suggested mixture proportions.

+Plus: The pitcher shown below is part of the Keurig line. They offer exact instructions for preparing ices tea on the side of the pitcher (add ice to “here”, etc). While the proportions were not reflective of my personal taste, they are helpful for easy preparation (and it may be perfect for iced coffee, I have not yet used it for that.


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