Anatolia Cafe

Friday D and I took a long lunch and went off campus for lunch. We went to the Turkish restaurant Anatolia Cafe on Lee Road.

photo 3 (2)

Anatolia Cafe


photo 1 (4)

Apple Tea

I had an apple tea. I ordered because I wasn’t sure what it was – a classic Turkish drink or something they came up with. I’m still not sure on that issue. It came without a tea bag and I couldn’t taste any strong tea flavors. It tasted like apple cider  (not strongly spiced cider, just very fruity).









photo 2 (4)

Iced Tea


D had an iced tea (with lemon). He said it tasted just like Lipton and was disappointed.


All in All, the tea was a bust, but the food was delicious.







+ Plus: If you ever do make it to Anatolia Cafe, their desert is great! I highly recommend the Baklava. We didn’t have it when we went to lunch, but we have had it before and it is really good.



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