Noodle Cat

Green Tea

We went to Noodle Cat this weekend. P and I and a few of our friends were having a book club meeting. We went to the Euclid location down town, but there is also a new location in the West Side Market.

photo 5

Noodle Cat

While Noodle Cat offered several hot tea options, it had only one iced tea option. The iced tea (flavor not listed on the menu) was Orange Blossom green tea – by Rare Tea Cellars.

I looked up the brand: Rare Tea Cellars and am guessing that it was the Sicilian Blood Orange Green. The website for the tea provides tea by the 1/2 lb (expensive! – 1/4 lb ~$40 instead of the usual Harney and Sons 1/4 lb ~$10-ish).

Completely honest – I am usually much more of a black tea fan than a green tea fan, especially for an iced tea (where instead of temperature heat, you get a lot of raw tea flavor). But this tea was sweet enough to enjoy. I was a little surprised at the steep (har….har…steep) price of the tea – $4. I drank it very slowly so that I wouldn’t feel the need to order a second one and be charged another $4…only to discover that the refills were free.

photo 1

Painting – Iced Tea!

+Plus: As mentioned before we were at Noodle Cat for a book club discussion. We are in a book club focusing on women in leadership. If you’d like any book suggestions, leave a comment.

Stay Caffeinated,



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