Mochi at Noodlecat

Mochi Ice Cream

Cleveland Restaurant Week is one of Cleveland’s fun annual traditions. Various restaurants downtown provide special lunch and dinner menus for a discounted price. We went to Noodlecat on Euclid and tried the lunch menu.

More importantly, we tried coffee and green tea flavored mochi ice cream for dessert. Mochi is ice cream wrapped in rice-flour dough (read about more fun flavors at Mochi Ice Cream here).

Coffee mochi from Noodlecat.

Coffee mochi from Noodlecat.

The coffee flavor was very good, similar to coffee ice cream.  I hadn’t tried green tea flavored ice cream before so that was a new treat for me. Both mochi flavors were refreshing and yummy. They came in neat little pieces as seen in the pictures and were fun to eat with chopsticks.

Green Tea mochi from Noodlecat.

Green Tea mochi from Noodlecat.

+Plus: You too can make these sweet little treats at home with a few ingredients. The basic idea is to wrap ice cream nuggets in dough, chill, and eat 🙂 Try this recipe at home and tell us how it goes!

Stay caffeinated,



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