Starbucks Gold

When we started this blog, I promised myself I would NEVER post about Starbucks….but here we are. Honestly, I am more excited to share than anything else. As a warning, I am posting this because I absolutely could not resist based on HOW COOL  this Starbucks was, but since I am vowing to never again put Starbucks as a blog title, I am sharing all of my Starbucks details…so this is a bit of a long post. Apologies. As many of our readers are aware (because they are fellow students), this is Spring Break, which I am spending in a very sunny city nowhere near Cleveland.


Eventually we (my brother S, my sister A, my partner D, and I) got bored of endless sun and relaxation and went out for coffee. While sunny and filled with pools, the town we were staying in had much less culture than Cleveland has to offer, so the only coffee shop we knew of within 25 minutes of our house was a Starbucks (this is soon to change, we saw a new coffee shop/burrito bar at the end stages of construction while we were wandering around). This Starbucks was very interesting from the outside – they had a front porch seating area (with tables and umbrellas) and a covered drive through. We went inside and S showed me something even more interesting. The seating area included what appeared to be a conference room – in a bank vault. There is a picture below, but S requested his photo not be shared on the blog – hence the blacked out face.

photo 1 (1)

Bank vault conference room


Apparently the Starbucks was converted from an old bank. The large silver door was the entrance to the vault. When the conversion took place, they left the vault and the drive through teller setup in place, adding to the draw of the environment. It is the coolest Starbucks I have ever been in.


S had an iced macchiato (beautifully colored), A had an iced coffee with milk, no sweetener, and I had an iced chai latte. We were all very pleased with our choices (shown below).



photo 1 (2)

Iced Macchiato

photo 3 (1)

Iced Chai Latte

photo 2 (2)

Iced Coffee with Milk, No Sweetener

photo 4

Starbucks sticker labels

Usually the drink stickers are only used in the drive through, but this Starbucks used them for the indoor orders as well. The shop was mostly filled with old people ordering decaf coffee, but for those of us ordering more complicated drinks, it was easy to look quickly at the label after hearing the barista announce your drink is ready (to double check to make sure it is yours before just snagging it from the counter).

D ordered a venti dark roast (not quite worthy of a picture), but they were out and hadn’t started a new pot yet (in the world of decaf, dark roast isn’t a huge concern). They offered him a pour through instead, which I thought was worth mentioning. When Strabucks is out of the coffee you want – some offer, but you could ask – you may be able to get a pour through. This takes a little longer, but when you really want dark roast, it might be worth the wait instead of settling for medium roast.

Finally, I wanted to mention the gold card. I find this funny, but also think it is completely awesome. For any readers that go to Starbucks more than once a month, use a gift card. If you use a gift card for more than 30 drinks in a year, you can become a gold member – you get a nifty personalized gift card that comes with all sorts of special offers (including free drinks). S has a Starbucks Gold Card (it started as a way to get rid of loose change – his local Starbucks has a coin counter that will keep the change and reload your gift card) and we are all quite envious.

photo 3

Gold Card

photo 2 (1)

Gold Card













+ Plus: This Starbucks is nowhere near Cleveland, but there are several restaurants in Cleveland will similarly unique histories. Crop, Dante, and Washington Place each live in buildings that used to be banks. While I have not been to Dante yet, I hear you are allowed to eat in the vault there. If you haven’t been to Crop yet, it is a beautiful building and definitely worth stopping by.

Stay caffeinated (and warm),



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