Cafe Du Monde

As Spring Break  approaches, my cabin fever sets in. Coffee from New Orleans (in the spirit of Mardi Gras) could do the trick. Anyone who has been to New Orleans has probably heard of the Cafe Du Monde. From the sidewalk to the food court, Cafe Du Monde’s drinks and treats can be found throughout the city; they also can be bought as grounds to make at home.

Cafe Du Monde

Cafe Du Monde

The company is well known for their coffee and beignets. My personal favorite is the Iced Coffee. They are known for the Au Lait, but when I visited, it was much too hot out to drink the warm version.

The coffee is available as Coffer blend or  Coffee and Chicory blend. According to the Cafe Du Monde website, the chicory addition is a French tradition, thought to add body and flavor to the drink.

Last time I was in New Orleans, we were sure to pick up some Coffee Grounds to take home. However, if you aren’t planning a visit any time soon, you can order the blends online here or you can pick them up at your local World Market or Fresh Market.

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+Plus: Also available at the Cafe Du Monde website are another New Orleans favorite, Aunt Sally’s Pralines. They are a bit pricy, but interesting to try if you have never had the chance.

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