The Coffee House

Tuesday we visited The Coffee House at University Circle (Juniper Road). Below, is my choice for the day – Orange Spice. I went with P and our friend C after class to do homework and make weekend plans. The Coffee House is inviting and they were very nice – helped me with food choices and gave me a hot water refill for the tea after I finished the first cup.


Hand Packaged Orange Spice Tea

P and  C both had coffee. Lots of choices (as you can see from the giant menu).

The Coffee House Drink Menu

Plenty of caffeinated and caffeine free options. The tea is stored in loose leaf and they pack the tea bag for your individual order. They served it in a clear mug, so I got to watch as the tea steeped.


Orange Spice Tea after Steeping


Orange Spice Tea Dilute

Orange spice was a black tea with an orange and cinnamon after taste. It was yummy, but next time I go I will try one of the other (many) choices.

Stay caffeinated,



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