Pukka Night Time Tea

I recently tried Pukka’s Night Time Tea (see here).


Pukka Night Time Tea

The caption read on the “for a peaceful sleep.” The blend contains organic oat flower, lavender, and limeflower but no caffeine.


Pukka Package

D helped me with a short description for the blend (channeling his inner sommelier) :

“smell: heavy on the oatflower, can’t really smell the lavender, but can sense the camomile accents

taste: a little bite on the roof of the mouth near the beginning – very smooth balanced taste to it. Chamomile on the finish. Some of the other flowers are lost, but it is still good tea.”

I liked the tea, but found it a little vegetable heavy. It was not my favorite bedtime tea.

+Plus: D picked this up from Fresh Market on Van Aken, he said they have many other tea options that could be worth trying out.

Stay caffeinated,




    1. The front of the package lists the 3 main flavors (listed above). The back of the package lists all of the contents of the tea bag, which includes valerian root (as well as licorice root, chamomile flower, and tulsi leaf). Good catch! 🙂

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