Presti’s Bakery

Little Italy’s Presti’s Bakery Coffee

P and I recently sought warmth from this excessively harsh Cleveland winter by stopping in a Presti’s Bakery for a quick snack. Located in Little Italy (12101 Mayfield Road), Presti’s offers baked goods and an assortment of refrigerated Italian dishes. We, however, were there for the coffee. The menu offers standard coffee drinks as well as specialty Italian choices.

Presti's Coffee Menu

Presti’s Coffee Menu and Coffee Maker station

We were both most excited to try the “Espresso with Scoop” (which we had heard is an espresso drink with a scoop of gelato added), but apparently Presti’s only offers gelato in the warm weather months…. I guess we will have to return when our shorts and sandals do!

Never deterred, we stayed for a quick snack anyway.

P tried a cafe au lait. It was a delicious warm light drink with a foamy topping.

Presti's Cafe Au Lait

P’s choice, Presti’s Cafe Au Lait

I had a cappuccino. It was warm and milky and topped with cinnamon and mocha powder.

Presti's Cappuccino

My choice, Presti’s Cappuccino

Plus + If you didn’t notice the Biscotti, check the pictures again – they were the best part of the trip!

P had a hazelnut biscotti and I went with the almond flavor. They were delicious when dipped in the coffee.

Stay Warm (and caffeinated).



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